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Using a Child Theme

All our themes provide a lot of options to change the look of the theme, but sometimes you need to change a bit more. In this case the best way is to use a child theme so you can override the parent theme templates, add your CSS, JavaScript or PHP.

Using a child theme gives you the possibility to easily update the parent theme without losing your child theme’s customizations.

Download & Install Child Theme

First you need to download and install the child theme. You will find the download link in the Bahémian Dashboard.

Child Theme Files

This is the file structure of the child theme:

  • style.css
  • functions.php
  • screenshot.png

Adding Custom CSS

Use the THEMENAME_child/style.css for adding your custom CSS. There are 2 ways to do so. You can edit the file by using a FTP application or simply go to Appearance > Editor and edit the file directly within the WordPress backend.

Editing the functions.php

In the THEMENAME_child/functions.php you can add your specific PHP code. Note that the child theme’sTHEMENAME_child/functions.php is not overriding the parent THEMENAME_child/functions.php. Instead it is loading additionally to the original THEMENAME_child/functions.php.

Overriding Template Files

A great feature of the child theme is that you can easily override the parent theme template files. Just copy the file you want to override into your child theme and start editing.

For example if you want to override the single post page just copy the file THEMENAME/layouts/single/post.php into your child theme with the identical folder structure like this THEMENAME_child/layouts/single/post.php

You can do that basically with every template file.

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