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Translating Theme

The default language of this theme is english (UK). But you can easily translate it into our prefered language.

Step 1

Download and install PoEdit.

Step 2

If you haven’t already installed WordPress in your language you can change it within the backend easily.
Go to Settings > General > Site Language and select your language.

Step 3

There are 2 files you can translate in the theme:

  • Frontend: THEME/languages/THEME.pot
  • Backend: THEME/uix/languages/uix.pot

Do this following step for both files if you want to translate the backend specific language strings, too.

If you save your translation you will get w files. In our example we got following files:

  • pl_PL.mo
  • pl_PL.po


Usually the files will be saved directly into the THEME/languages folder. To make sure you won’t lose your translations we recommend to use a child theme.

If using a child theme the translation files should be placed like this:

  • THEMENAME_child/languages/pl_PL.mo
  • THEMENAME_child/languages/pl_PL.po

Note: The name of the file needs to have this format: pl_PL (In this case polish). Poedit should do this automatically, but in case your translation isn’t working check if you using the correct language and country code.

© Bahémian 2021

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